Veselé Vánoce a Štastný Nový Rok 2015
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015

Dear long-time customers and friends,
the Franks Camera Store building has finally been sold
        Frank and Vera and Jana have vacated the building and that is just about the end of the story.  Frank and Vera are still quite active considering they are 90 and 88 years old respectively. Frank is not too happy about not being able to take more than a few steps before having to sit down again but he should be glad that he is still alive, that is what counts!
       Yes my parents could have sold the building thirty years ago for more money and the proceeds of the sale would not have all been wasted going to pay off all the mortgage debt that they took on in those ensuing decades, but that would have been too logical, they had to live and learn.  
       The old and mostly outdated inventory that was in the camera store not just on the main floor where you could see it but also in the equally large basement to some extent may still be available in case that there might be something that you had your sights on and wanted to buy but didn`t, although it may be very difficult or even impossible to find the particular item at the temporary warehouse location, but you are welcome to ask, e-mail me an inquiry to and I will forward the inquiry to Mr.Derek Hunt (my sister Jana`s son) who might know where it is, if it had not already been donated to photography schools etc.
      So I will leave this website intact for a few  weeks,  months or perhaps even years for old times` nostalgia sake,  but eventually it will just disappear from the web, like the sand castles along beaches, the circle of life that we are all part of. 
       Happy ThanksGiving 2014, and enjoy your youth and health while you have it and prepare for the tougher times that advanced age brings with it.
     Thank you very much for being such loyal customers and we love you all and as Bob Hope  used to sing, "Thanks for the memories" , in the end that is all we have left and all that is left of us when we are gone, so let the memories be good, positive and worth remembering! Milan :-) 

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 Welcome To The
Frank's Highland Park Camera

Inventory Total-Closeout SALE!
What's for sale? EVERYTHING Including the Building!

Please note that at Frank's there really are tons of filters and also lots of adapter rings, and other accessories, particularly behind the long line of wall-counters and even more so in the warehouse in the basement of the store.  You will not find all types and sizes that you might need but on the other hand there is a huge quantity of them from the days when Franks used to import them directly, and perhaps if you make a reasonable offer Frank will sell you a large quantity at a huge discount, perhaps the whole inventory if your offer will be reasonable, try him!  Once the inventory is sold, perhaps Frank and Vera might finally retire, you would be doing them a favor if you buy everything even if it is "for peanuts"!  Those filters must still be somewhere.

Frank's Highland Park Camera,    (famous photo is from 1968)
Los Angeles, California!             
 God Bless America!

Franks Camera by the beach!  If you thought that Frank and Vera would be in heaven by now, well, not yet, not by a longshot, as you can see from this photo from August 2012 taken by a kind stranger at the world-famous Hanauma Bay on Oahu in Hawaii.  After all, Heaven can wait!  And don't worry, Jana's not ready for heaven just yet either, even though due to a very freaky accident in her home she was not able to join us in Hawaii, she's doing just fine now, back to her loquatious, vivatious and boisterous self.  If you are a sucker for nostalgia or just want to say "ALOHA" to Frank and Vera and Jana you are welcome to stop by the store any Tuesday through Friday from around Noon through 4:00 PM (but not a minute later!) and you can say "Hi" to them personally, but to see yours truly Milan you will have to take a plane to Prague, unless I happen to be in Honolulu, my little bit of Heaven on Earth!

Daniela (Milan's Czech-born wife), daughter Kathy, Vera holding on to Frank in the wheelchair, Milan, son Adam, and (missing) Jana's granddaughter Bridgette, whose mom Renee took the photo, taken at the LAX airport during a layover in Milan's family's flight back to Prague.   ALOHA :-)
Hi everybody!
We're still here, more or less, after more than  
45 years in business!     
 We still have quite a few items from a by-gone era that nobody else has (anymore). 
We no longer advertise  on E-Bay, but you can call, write, or come by to try to find something you might need and get a real bargain!
    Frank never even liked computers, Jana hates them and doesn't have a clue how to use one, and while Vera tried to learn to use her computer, she gave up on it as it was taking too much time to even turn on, and all those thousands of spams and virus-laden e-mails made her give up on the computer altogether.  So your first choice of communications with Franks Camera other than a personal visit is always the telephone, always call first, and just ask for Frank and see if he has what you need! 
     Franks Camera Store Building will probably be leased out or sold sometime in the near future, so to try to cut down on the inventory you will not find many of the latest photographic and video products, but there are still many photographic filters and other accessories in stock at great bargains!
     The OPENING HOURS are not as regular as they used to be, but we are usually open Tuesdays through Fridays only, and only  from around  Noon Through around 4PM,  please call 323 255 0123 or 323 255 5151  to verify hours on any particular day, but on Mondays Frank and Vera usually stay in the Desert, and therefore on Mondays the store is closed, and on Saturdays and Sundays
the store is definitely closed. It is best to park in the rear, where you can park for two hours for free. 
As "Time goes By" the store has become more of an old-timers' museum of outdated relics and accessories that you  probably will not see anywhere else, and quite messy to put it mildly, but if you want to experience an out-of-the-ordinary experience and perhaps discover some photographic equipment that you thought you would never see again you just might get lucky! At 89 and 87 Frank and Vera could just stay home on the ranch and take it easy but no, that would be too logical and too easy, that`s not their style, they must keep busy and there is no doubt as economically illogical as it indeed is that keeping the store open  is helping them stay alive! 
But it certainly makes no economic sense, so if you know someone who is looking for a commercial building like the Franks Camera Store building either to buy or lease, please just stop by, don't try to make a firm appointment because it is never really sure when they might have to go to some doctor's appointment, but come in and have a talk with them and if you are genuinely interested then submit them a solid offer and perhaps it will open their eyes long enough to see the light and agree to sell or lease the building and retire!  :-)

The new METRO Gold Line Avenue 58 Station just a few steps from our convenient rear entrance is now fully operational  and every day every few minutes supermodern quet and sleek electric metro trains glide by in both directions in perfect comfort! 

As Frank says, "If Nobody Has It ... We May (Not Either) ... 
 But It's Worth A Try!"
Give Us A Call,  And WE WILL START LOOKING ... !
You should pick up the phone and call Frank, Vera, or Jana personally at:
323 255 0123  or  323 255 5151 
or fax: 323 255 1036
Franks no longer accepts e-mails, sorry!  The computer died, that's it!
(There are just way too many spams and computer viruses, Frank just doesn't want
to be bothered with all the problems of e-mails these days so he simply shut down
his computer and went back to doing business "the old fashioned way", on the phone!
So please just call us on the phone,
and see if we have what you need, you never know,
sometimes we don't either, let's surprise each other!

Ask Frank or Vera about their latest specials
and to check on close-outs and newest "discoveries"
in their huge and in some cases museum-quality inventory!
Come take the super-sleek and quietly beautiful ultra-modern METRO Gold-Line Trains and go for an outing with the entire family all over greater Los Angeles, leaving your car parked in the public parking lot right behind our store!  Just click on the following link to get all the information about all the METRO stations you can visit!
Metro Gold-Line Ave.58 Station is right behind the store! Metro Gold-Line Ave. 58 Station in Highland Park
Would you like to buy or lease the Franks Camera Store Building?
You Can, Just Look At The Flyer:
Commercial Building For Sale or Lease - Info-Flyer - Click HERE!
For information browse:
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